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April 20, 2024
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Albany River, Pikitigushi
Albany River, Pikitigushi Take Hwy 599 North from Ignace (Trans Canada Highway) to either one of the two starting points from Hwy 599:

- From the bridge by North Albany Lodge paddle NW across Pashkokogan Lake and the Pashkokogan River into Lake Osnaburgh. Or

- From further north on Hwy 599 enter the west end of Lake Osnaburgh at the bridge over Cedar Rapids.(About a 250kms (155 miles) 4 hour drive from Ignace).

Follow the faster flowing Albany River all the way East to Gowie Bay - (220kms). Then paddle south for an upstream trip on the Attwood and Witchwood River systems to Whiteclay Lake. From here there are several choices for the final leg:

- Paddle south on the Pikitigushi River to the take-out on Pikitigushi Lake for a prearranged shuttle to Armstrong.

- Paddle East to Whitewater and Smoothrock Lakes and the Caribou River to the take-out at the bridge on Little Caribou Lake.

- Take the Pikitigushi River to Big River and the Linklater Lake route to Caribou Lake and the take-out on Little Caribou (5kms from Armstrong).

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