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July 19, 2024
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Rockliff Lake, Albany River, Pikitigushi
Rockliff Lake, Albany River, Pikitigushi This map set begins at Kenoji Lake and continues to Rockliff and the the Misehkow River travelling north to the Albany River. Three days down the faster flowing Albany will bring you to Gowie Bay and the Attwood and Witchwood Rivers south to Whiteclay Lake. Then continue south to the Pikitigushi River and a shuttle at the bush road take-out.

With a fly-in to Rockliff or other nearby lakes this is a 3 week trip. Alternatively, you can paddle in from any point along the VIA Rail line or from Armstrong (Little Caribou Lake), increasing the trip to 4 weeks.

You can also select an easier ending: paddling west on Whiteclay Lake to Whitewater and Smoothrock lakes, the Caribou River and the take-out at the bridge on Little Caribou (5kms from Armstrong); or a less travelled route from Pikitigushi via Big River to Linklater Lake, Kellar Bay, Caribou Lake and the take-out at the Bridge on Little Caribou.

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