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Map Page I

take the train in - and paddle out




Allanwater River I Can$20
Paddle the Allanwater River to Wabakimi Lake, Lower Wabakimi Lake and and take-out at the Bridge on Little Caribou Lake. Including a Windfall Lake alternative to Brennan Lake. Distance: 150km (93 miles). Time: 8 - 9 days. Intermediate skill level
Allanwater River II Can$20
From Allanwater Bridge paddle the Allanwater River north to Wabakimi Lake, Ogoki River, Whitewater Lake, Caribou River and Little Caribou Lake. Distance: 195 km (120 miles). Time: 10 to 12 days. Intermediate skills
Flindt River Can$25
Paddle the picturesque and perhaps less challenging Flindt River with choice of 3 starting points (from Via Rail drop-offs) and two possible finishes. We have included an alternate starting point, requiring only a short shuttle from Highway 599. Distance: 183 or 226km (114 or 140 miles). Time: 10 day to 13 days. Intermediate skills
Nemo River I Can$25
From Redhead Lake paddle the less travelled Nemo River to Dagger and Change Lakes and the lower Allanwater River to the bridge on Little Caribou Lake. (The map-set includes an alternative route from Nemo via Windfall Lake, Allanwater River and the entire Brennan Lake). Distance:133km (83 mile). Time: 7 to 8 days. Intermediate skill level.
Nemo River II Can$20
From Redhead Lake paddle the Nemo River to Windfall and Brennan Lakes and follow the Ogoki River to Whitewater Lake and the takeout at the bridge on Little Caribou Lake. Distance: 211km (131 miles). Time 12/13 days.
Kopka River I Can$20
Want to paddle the Kopka but short on time? Take one of three access points for a train-in or shuttle and paddle start. Paddle a very scenic and exciting section of the Kopka River Distance: 47km or 80km (30 or 50 miles). Time: 4 to 8 days depending on you starting point. Intermediate skills.
Kopka River II Can$25
A route from the Via Rail stop at Allanwater Bridge to access the headwaters of the Kopka River at Redsand Lake. Then paddle the entire length of the Kopka River to Bukemiga Lake and Hwy 527. This is certainly the most varied, exciting and perhaps the most challenging route in the region. Distance: 220km (135 miles). Time: 15 to 17 days. Intermediate to advanced skills.

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