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Wabakimi Provincial Park,


Kopka River, Brightsand River,  Albany River


canoe route maps


An easy-to-use set of detailed maps


for each back-country canoe route



Each set of maps covers a complete route and shows rapids and swifts, waterfalls, portages and many of the campsites. Each map-set includes any alternative starts and finishes and route choices along the way. 

We've also included lodges, fly-in fishing outposts and the occasional trapper's cabin.

The route maps are continually updated as any new information becomes available.

Expanded views detail all of the portage locations and lengths.

All of the maps are large scale so you can easily read them and follow your progress while you are paddling.

The convenient 81/2 X 11 pages are laminated, back to back, to stay dry and are held together with a plastic tie so they stay in order and don't get lost. It also makes it easy to flip over the page from one section of the route to the next.

 Browse the map-set pages for various route suggestions. Or, if you have special requests for route variations or need any other route or general information, contact us at: enquiries@wabakimimaps.com



“We have joined forces with Friends of Wabakimi and are also offering our maps on their website in support of their mission to protect and conserve this incomparable wilderness canoeing region. 

 Downloadable PDF   Each canoe route map set can be purchased as a downloadable PDF from the Friends of Wabakimi store

 Laminated (waterproof).  Laminated waterproof canoe route map sets will continue to be available on www.wabakimimaps.com



Thank you Laurence! These are excellent maps. A lot of informationon each page,making map set light weight and easy to carry and access.            MS, Marquette MA


Thanks for the awesome looking maps and great service.           IW, Ottawa ON


The mailman just delivered the Pikitigushi map set a few minutes ago. The maps looks great - very impressed. Thanks, pleasure doing business with you.           J McD    Kingston, ON


I received the maps and they are wonderful!  Very, very impressive.            LS, Westminster BC


I wanted to tell you that map of Smoothwater Lake and its larger scale was very helpful in navigating among the various arms and islands of this octopus-like lake. Just a great trip.             YS, Toronto ON


Maps arrived safe and sound . Very, very happy with the quality.            DK,  Murillo  ON

 Laurence, your Kopka River map set had all the info and detail that made our trip so much easier. We had a very good idea of what was coming up and when. Campsites and portage info was accurate and most helpful. This is the second summer we used your maps as our primary navigation and planning aid and we're glad we did. Thanks again for the maps. They're worth every penny we paid! ...............  Last summer we used the Flindt River map set and were very impressed with the format and amount of information provided.           PA, Toronto  ON


First off, I wanted to say that I really liked your maps. This was my third trip to Wabakimi but my first using your maps. They offer a good navigable scale and clearly show the portages.           TR, Black River falls, WI


 These are excellent and incredibly helpful as are your comments regarding the route. Thanks so much!       PN, Thunder Bay, ON


The maps arrived yesterday. They look great, so well done and informative! Thank you, again.       MP, Ames, IA


Thanks Laurence, got to love that great customer service. Keep up the great work. I'll be back for more great maps. GF, Thunder Bay, ON

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