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Map Sets - Group 2


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Boiling Sand River $20
From your choice of three possible starting points, paddle the Boiling Sand River to Smoothrock Lake, Berg River, Whitewater Lake and finish at the Bridge on Little Caribou Lake. A 5, 9 or 12 day trip, depending on your choice of route.
Kopka River I $15
Want to paddle the Kopka but short on time? Take one of three access points for a train-in or shuttle and paddle start. A 4 to 8 day trip depending on you starting point..
Lookout and Berg Rivers $20
Exciting rivers combined with scenic lake travel. From Onamakawash Lake (Via Rail mile 24.7 west of Armstrong) all the way north to Whitewater Lake and return to the bridge on Little Caribou Lake and Armstrong. 10 Days This can also be a paddle-in route with a shuttle to Magotte Lake and paddling north through Kenakskannis to Onamakawash. 12 days.
Lookout and Lower Allanwater Rivers $20
An interesting variation of the previous route, from Onamakawash Lake, via Elf & McWade Lakes and taking in the Allanwater River. Finish at the bridge on Little Caribou Lake and Armstrong. 9 days. Or shuttle and paddle-in from Magotte Lake. 11 to 12 days.
Little Caribou, Whitewater Lake loop (via Berg River) $15
A shorter 8 to 9 day loop trip starting and ending at Little Caribou Lake, taking in the Caribou and Berg Rivers. Also exploring Smoothrock and Whitewater Lakes.
Little Caribou Lake to Boiling Sand River $25
A great paddle-in route, with three alternate endings, that begins at Little Caribou Lake and loops north through Berg River and Whitewater Lake and then travels south through Smoothrock Lake and Boiling Sand River. This is a 10 to 15 day trip, depending on your choice of endings but you could shorten the route to as little as 5 days.
Onamakawash Lake, Lookout River to Little Caribou $15
This is one of the very few short routes available in Wabakimi.Yet it provides a great mix of river and lake travel, with superb fishing and great scenery typical of boreal forest and the Canadian Shield. Short on time? Only 5 days. The route can be travelled in either direction. Only 5 days.
Pikitushi River $25
Put in at the bridge on Little Caribou Lake. Explore Smoothrock and Whitewater Lakes, paddling the exciting Berg River between. See the Wendell Beckwith cabins on Whitewater Lake, and the pictographs on Cliff. Follow the less travelled Pikitigushi River. 14 days. Or take the shortcut from Smoothrock Lake to the east end of Whitewater for a 10 day trip.

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