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Map Sets 3

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Group 3 - interior routes

Add-ons to other routes & fly-ins


Rockliff Lake, Albany River, Pikitigushi $30
An amazing trip from the heart to the outer regions of this great canoeing region. Paddle from Wabakimi up to the Albany River and back south to the Pikitigushi River, via the Attwood and Witchwood River systems. 3 weeks (If you want to begin the trip from a different point or paddle in to join this route, just get in touch and we will prepare a custom map for you)
Kenoji to Whitewater Lake alternative. $5
This is a less travelled alternative route from Kenoji Lake to Whitewater Lake, avoiding the Ogoki River. It takes about a day longer.
Kenoji and Dawn Lake loop $10
An interior loop trip from Kenoji Lake - that can be added to many of the other routes - exploring the less travelled Dawn Lake and Slim River. Can be used to access the Palisade River loop or explored on the way to Whitewater Lake. 4 days.
Palisade River loop $15
A 7 day add-on to many of the existing routes or a stand-alone trip with a float plane fly-in and fly-out to and from Kenoji Lake. A great loop trip from Kenoji Lake to Rockliff and back via Burntrock Lake. Includes an additional loop north from Late Lake to Misehkow River and back to Rockliff Lake


Group 4 - Custom map-sets

Design your own route for a canoe trip in the wabakimi region.

Whether it be:

- a combination of routes;

- a change or addition to an existing map-set;

- the inclusion of detours or alternatives not included elsewhere

   such as: Dawn Lake or Pallisade River through Burntrock Lake

   or the Stump/Gault Lake connection between Allanwater and Flindt Rivers etc.

- a route with a particular start or ending point or for a specific number of days

- or a route designed entirely by you.

And receive a large scale, laminated map-set personalized to your own needs.

Just send an e-mail to: enquiries@wabakimimaps.com detailing your proposed route and any other questions or particular needs you might have. We will confirm our ability to meet your request and then ask you to select the custom map option below that corresponds to your route and initiate the purchase.


A one week trip $20
A custom map set for a one week trip based on your own route choice, entry and exit preferences.
An 8 to 14 day trip $25
A custom map set for an eight to fourteen day trip based on your own route choice, entry and exit preferences.
A 15 day or longer trip $35
A custom map set for a fifteen day or longer trip based on your own route choice, entry and exit preferences.

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