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Canoe route maps for Allanwater River, Flindt River Kopka River and the Ogoki, Palisades, Brightsand and Pikitigushi Rivers.

Each set of maps on the following pages covers a specific canoe trip in considerable detail. They are arranged in groups.

The first group covers routes to the west that start with a brief train ride to the put-in point. The railroad mile marker points are given for each of the stops. Many of these routes end at the foot of Little Caribou Lake, 5 kilometres (3 miles) from the town of Armstrong. The Kopka River trips finish at Highway 527, 28 kilometres (17 miles) south of Armstrong. Shuttles can easily be arranged to or from these points.

The second group includes both paddle-in routes, requiring only perhaps a shuttle and those where there is a choice between train and paddling in. We have recently added routes requiring only a short drive or shuttle to the put-ins at Magotte Lake and Tamarack Lake in addition to the bridge at Little Caribou Lake.

The third group features interior routes that can be added on to earlier trips. We currently feature a circle trip from the Park up to and along the Albany River and back either accessed by a float plane flight or from any of the Park access points. We have reintroduced three interior routes: A Palisade River loop, an alternative route from Kenoji Lake to Whitewater and a Dawn Lake loop from Kenoji Lake which shows all of the alternative connections.

The final group presents an opportunity to design your own route for a one, two or three week trip in the Wabakimi region. And we will prepare a custom map set for you. You could include, for example, Dawn Lake, Pallisade River, Ogoki Reservoir from Whitewater down to Mojikit and Zig-Zag Lakes, or connecting routes like the Gault Lake connection between Flindt and Allanwater Rivers, Slim Lake to Redman, Van Ness to Granite Lake etc.

All of the trips include wonderfully scenic river and lake travel, exciting whitewater features and, of course, great fishing. If this is your first trip into Wabakimi, we certainly recommend the Allanwater River which embodies all that Wabakimi has to offer. As does the picturesque Flindt River on the western edge of Wabakimi. Or explore some of the other, less traveled entry routes, such as the Nemo, Lookout or Boiling Sand Rivers.

Those who have paddled the Kopka River, however, will tell you that it is an experience not to be missed. Especially all the way from its headwaters.

If you want to explore the outer regions of this already remote area, try the Pikitigushi River to the east of Wabakimi or a route that extends north from Wabakimi and includes a section of the Albany River.

We have conservatively estimated the number of days that each trip might typically take. Since trip lengths can be affected by a variety of factors, we recommend that you allow for a little additional time.

Every map set includes a separate ready-reference key explaining each icon and abreviation.

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